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Parent & Teen Driver Safety Resources

Posted on by datateam

Car accidents are the No.1 killer of American teenagers and an international leading cause of death. To end crash fatalities and promote overall safe teen driving, the Liljegren Law Group is supporting Global Youth Traffic Safety Month this May. In the United … Continue reading

Here’s why Athletes are Pledging Their Brains to Science

Posted on by datateam

Brain injuries create a range of symptoms. Some change an individual’s entire life experience without showing much, if any, visible damage. Many professional athletes are planning to donate their brains to science after they die to help prevent devastating brain … Continue reading

Body Parts You Don’t Need to Survive

Posted on by datateam

You can survive without certain body parts. Some perform no modern function whatsoever and are known as vestigial body parts, i.e., evolutionary leftovers. Others support necessary bodily functions, but you can still survive without them. If you’ve ever wondered what … Continue reading

What Could Stop Pedestrian Death Rates From Rising?

Posted on by datateam

In early September 2016, the city of San Diego released the findings of a city audit regarding pedestrian safety. The audit highlights a number of problems in current pedestrian safety practices and some solutions for resolving the situation. Vision Zero, … Continue reading

Investing in Dash Cams: What You Should Know

Posted on by datateam

In accident cases, video footage can give the court definitive answers. Even if a dash cam fails to capture the exact moment of a crash, it provides context. Safe drivers can use dash cams to protect their rights during the … Continue reading

Crash, Injury and Speeding Rates in CA

California’s Most Dangerous and Safest Cities for Drivers

Posted on by datateam

A new study by Liljegren Law Group and 1point21 Interactive examines the risks for drivers in the Golden State’s largest cities. As a San Diego car accident lawyer who has handled hundreds of motor vehicle accidents throughout the state, attorney Scott … Continue reading

When You Should and Should Not Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Posted on by datateam

In the aftermath of a car accident, it’s usually beneficial to consult with a personal injury attorney. Most lawyers offer free consultations so crash victims can obtain a professional opinion of the situation without any monetary investment. The average person … Continue reading

Drowsy Driving Accidents are on the Rise

Posted on by datateam

Drowsy driving happens to the best of us, on long drives or even daily commutes. In today’s fast-paced world, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” seems to be America’s mantra. The body will seek the sleep it needs one way or … Continue reading

How Borrowing a Friend’s Car Can Wreck Your Credit

Posted on by datateam

Borrowing a car may seem like a harmless habit between friends, but it could lead to long-term credit and financial risks. Before you ask to drive someone else’s car, consider the potential implications. Inadequate Auto Insurance The state of California … Continue reading

How Can a Rollover Accident Be Prevented – And Which Cars Are Most Likely to Roll Over?

Posted on by datateam

A rollover accident is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to the people in a vehicle. While only 3% of vehicle crashes involve a rollover, those crashes account for 30% of all fatal car accidents. These occurrences … Continue reading

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